What Does It Mean To Be An Artist In The Age Of AI?

We are all on The Path of the Artist and it is in the midst of changing.

We help musicians create art that is human.

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The Way We Approach Music Is Broken...

We have been teaching music the same way for hundreds of years.

You get a piece of music you try to play it, and you repeat the section you messed up on until it is perfect.

This was great when the only way to hear music was live, but once recorded music was invented we should have updated how we learn music. 

But we didn’t…

Musicians learn how to become great players, to flawlessly execute a piece of music, to become a musical machine. 

But today we have access to entire symphonies on our computers. 

The Artist Path helps you along your path to music creation. Whether it is learning new production techniques or figuring out how to use modern AI tools in your artist project.

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About Us

I love this…

I love how this focuses on HOW to think about music instead of on WHAT to do.

A refreshing alternative to “buy this plugin to get the best mix” that saturates the internet.

By focusing on awareness this is able to do something truly unique when compared to other books and courses. Awareness of the feeling you are trying to convey, awarness of the rules and formulas of songwriting, but also awarness that rules don’t necessarily create good art.

This is potentially the most comprehensive course on modern music creation I’ve ever seen.

Andreas Landeck- Mixing Engineer at "The Keep" in Denver

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